for YOU, by YOU, BECAUSE of YOU: Guided Journal for Empowered Women


DAY 4 (8 AM TO 3 PM) Instructor-Led

Focus session-

On Day 4, our focus sessions will resume during the initial part of the day, building upon the momentum from the previous sessions. We'll continue delving into targeted topics aimed at enhancing leadership skills and deepening our exploration of value-driven approaches.

Emotional Intelligence (2 hours)

In this session on Emotional Intelligence, participants will delve into the essential components of understanding and harnessing emotions in leadership. Through engaging discussions and experiential activities, attendees will explore self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills as pillars of emotional intelligence. The session aims to empower leaders with practical insights and strategies to navigate emotions effectively, foster stronger connections, and drive impactful decision-making within their teams and across the organization.

Developing Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Participants will explore actionable methods to cultivate emotional intelligence. Through interactive exercises and discussions, attendees will enhance their self-awareness, regulation of emotions, and empathetic understanding. This session aims to equip leaders with the tools to harness emotions effectively, fostering stronger relationships, informed decision-making, and a more cohesive team dynamic.

Applying Emotional Intelligence in Decision Making

In this session, participants will learn a 7-step framework to leverage emotional intelligence in decision-making. Through guided discussions and practical applications, attendees will understand how to recognize emotions, evaluate their impact, and incorporate emotional data into their decision-making process. By mastering these steps, leaders will be empowered to make more informed, empathetic decisions that resonate with their teams and align with organizational values, fostering a culture of emotionally intelligent leadership.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Applications

In the session focusing on Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Applications, participants will engage in assessments to evaluate their emotional intelligence competencies. Through guided discussions and practical exercises, attendees will explore personalized strategies to apply emotional intelligence in leadership contexts. This session aims to equip leaders with tailored insights and actionable techniques to enhance their emotional intelligence, fostering more impactful decision-making and interpersonal effectiveness.

Unit 3

Integration and Application (2 hours)

Group Exercises Applying Pillars and Soft Skills

In group exercises focused on applying pillars and soft skills learning, participants will engage in collaborative activities tailored to reinforce the pillars of leadership, such as effective communication, emotional intelligence, and boundary management. Through role-playing, problem-solving scenarios, and team-based challenges, attendees will have hands-on opportunities to apply their learnings in real-time, fostering a deeper understanding of how these skills intersect and contribute to effective leadership. These exercises aim to strengthen teamwork, decision-making, and communication abilities, empowering participants to integrate and implement these skills more seamlessly within their professional roles.

Wrap up and Conclusion (2 hours)

Recap of Key Learnings and Insights from Each Session

Action Planning for Implementing Value-Based Leadership Skills

The final session focuses on action planning for implementing value-based leadership skills. Participants will consolidate their learnings, crafting personalized action plans to apply these skills in their respective roles. Through guided discussions, attendees will outline specific strategies, set measurable goals, and establish timelines to seamlessly integrate value-driven practices into their daily leadership approaches.


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