for YOU, by YOU, BECAUSE of YOU: Guided Journal for Empowered Women


DAY 2 (8 AM TO 3 PM) Instructor-Led

Unit 2

Focus Sessions (6 sessions over 2+ days)

Unit 2 of our Value-Based Leadership program is dedicated to cultivating self-awareness and honing crucial soft skills essential for leaders rooted in values. We'll intricately weave together the development of communication, decision-making, active listening, triggers, and boundaries as integral facets of authentic leadership. This unit focuses on how self-awareness in these areas forms the bedrock of leaders who navigate with strong value-based anchors, emphasizing their role in fostering trust, empathy, and ethical leadership practices. Through practical exercises and deep introspection, participants will explore how these skills harmonize to shape leaders who not only lead but inspire and positively impact their teams and organizations.

Communication (3 hours)

In this focused three-hour session, participants will explore the profound impact of effective communication on value-based leadership. Through immersive discussions and practical exercises, attendees will uncover the pivotal role of communication in fostering trust, alignment, and transparency within an organization. The session delves into strategies for articulating and aligning values through communication, empowering leaders to cultivate an authentic, resonant voice that can ultimately drive engagement, cohesion, and organizational success.

Effective Communication Strategies Aligned with Values

This session focuses on aligning communication methods with personal values, emphasizing authenticity and clarity to foster trust and respect. Participants explore how communication congruent with ethical values establishes meaningful connections and drives positive change within organizations.

Role of Values in Communication

We will discover how values play a pivotal role in communication, guiding the tone, content, and intent of messages. They serve as a compass, influencing how individuals express themselves, fostering authenticity, and shaping relationships based on trust and mutual understanding.

Decision Making and Problem Solving (3 hours)

In this three-hour session on Decision Making and Problem Solving, participants will refine their critical thinking skills and learn effective strategies to tackle complex challenges, learning a 6 step framework to assist with ethical decision making. Through interactive sessions and real work scenarios, they'll develop sharper analytical abilities and gain practical tools to make informed decisions swiftly. Attendees will increase their confidence as decision-makers, equipped to navigate business complexities more adeptly and steer their teams toward consistent success.

Value-Driven Decision Making Processes

In this session participants will explore the integration of personal values into strategic decision-making. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, attendees will learn to align organizational objectives with their core values, fostering a culture of principled decision-making. This session aims to empower leaders to make impactful choices that resonate with their values, ultimately driving ethical and purpose-driven outcomes within the organization.

6 Step Framework for Ethical Decision Making

In this session centered on the 6 Step Framework for Ethical Decision Making, participants will delve into a structured approach aimed at navigating ethical dilemmas effectively. Through a step-by-step breakdown, attendees will learn how to assess, analyze, and resolve complex ethical challenges. The session covers identifying stakeholders, evaluating options, and applying ethical principles to guide decision-making, empowering leaders to navigate moral quandaries with clarity and integrity.


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