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Leadership Development Training

Building Value-Based Practices

Upon successful completion of this transformative training, each participant will unlock the profound potential within themselves and their teams by tapping into their authentic values and principles. This training transcends traditional leadership courses, guiding leaders on a journey towards a deeper understanding of self, thereby empowering them to lead with unwavering authenticity. Participants will harness this authentic leadership style to drive unparalleled communication efficacy, foster a culture of respect, and elevate the company's reputation in today's competitive business landscape.

By nurturing the inner growth of each leader, this training not only enhances the integrity and authenticity of the organization but also fuels a collective upward trajectory, positioning the company as a standout entity renowned for its values-driven leadership, ultimately paving the way for unparalleled success in a world where authenticity is a true differentiator.

Fee per Participant: $1,400 per participant (5 participants minimum)

Certification Awarded: Value-Based Leadership Certificate

Bio of instructor Denise Drinkwalter

Denise Drinkwalter is a seasoned trainer and educator specializing in empowering individuals to cultivate their personal and professional leadership abilities. With over 31 years in education, she has held influential roles that span across international and local platforms, contributing significantly to the field.

Denise's extensive experiences include serving in International Leadership within the Council for Exceptional Children, where she not only sat as a Board member but was also instrumental in the selection process for a new Executive Director, showcasing her acumen in decision-making and strategic leadership.

Throughout her career, Denise has held esteemed positions such as President of Ontario organizations, demonstrating her commitment to fostering growth and development within her community. Her impactful contributions extend to serving as a vital member of the negotiating team for the local principal group, amplifying her proficiency in collaborative problem-solving and consensus-building.

Additionally, she has showcased her dedication by holding roles as a Board member in a variety of capacities, and Vice President/Principal in various educational settings, underscoring her deep-rooted passion for educational advancement and effective leadership.

Denise's tenure also includes serving as the Ontario representative on the National Board for the Council for Exceptional Children, further solidifying her influence in advocating for educational excellence on both regional and national levels. Her impactful leadership as the local President for the area Chapter exemplifies her commitment to fostering collaboration and progress within her sphere of influence.

Denise’s approach revolves around delving into the core of individuals' beliefs and values, fostering a deep understanding of their emotions and triggers. Denise's expertise lies in aiding individuals in unlocking their potential through heightened self-awareness, enabling them to navigate life through work complexities with clarity and purpose.

A cornerstone of Denise's methodology is centered on fostering effective communication and employing powerful, life-altering active listening techniques. By honing these skills, she helps individuals forge stronger connections, build cohesive teams, and drive collective progress towards shared goals.

Recognizing the intrinsic link between personal fulfillment and professional success, Denise advocates for optimizing time management while encouraging individuals to prioritize self-care. She firmly believes that when individuals feel valued and content within their professional environments, their productivity soars, amplifying the overall efficacy of teams and organizations.

Denise Drinkwalter's commitment to empowering individuals extends beyond workplace dynamics. She understands the ripple effect of fulfilled individuals, recognizing that when individuals thrive, the organizations they serve and the communities they impact also flourish.