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Discover the Power Within

“I have shifted more in one hour with you than I have in months of therapy” - Dita

The reason for this is very simple.

Therapy speaks to your mind.

I speak to your Soul.

I speak to the parts of you who are screaming for your attention, but the world and its stresses have prevented you from hearing. 

In this powerful session, we will reconnect to all the parts of you who were told no whilst you told everyone else yes. We will strip back the years of over giving, over supporting and over committing and enter into deep conversation with the version of you who longs for the love you so generously bestow upon others. 

By the end of this hour, you will have the most liberating clarity on what has been keeping you heavy and depressed and you’ll feel confident you can make lasting changes that reinvigorate your experience of life.

Together, we will get out of your head and into your body; where the crux of the issue really lies.

It's where you hold stress, where you hold energy blockages, where your cellular memory holds onto experiences that keep you in a negative loop of thoughts and feelings that feel like they’re coming from your mind…but that’s just a symptom.

As an intuitive who can access and feel into your energetic structure, I am able to see straight into the heart of the issue, and together we can create an actionable plan to move you towards the light that exists beyond this dark tunnel you’ve been in for so long. You will discover the true power that lives within you.

Once you know how to tap into this, your life will change forever.

No longer will you have to look outside of yourself for the answers, becoming frustrated when you can never find them.

No longer will you stay trapped in your mind, continually repeating the same negative thought loop that makes your days so heavy.

You will no longer seek solutions that do nothing but leave you feeling worse, because you’ll have discovered that you hold the solution inside of yourself.

This will not be another hour of your life that sends you off with another meditation, or affirmation, or journaling practice that only serves to reinforce your existing thought patterns.

This is not about me giving you the answer.

This is about you being guided to discover the parts of yourself that hold the ultimate answers, unique to you and sourced by the true strength of your Soul.

You’ll receive 1 hour of 1-1 time with me, over video conference, where we will connect to discover what is troubling you, what you have tried so far and why it hasn’t worked for you and I will tune into your energy field to discover the quickest and most efficient way to shift.

We will create a plan for you to take away and implement, and if you feel you need further support past our hour together, you have the option to add on 7 days worth of voice note coaching via Voxer.

From $180.00 1-hour Session


It’s Time to Start Living and Loving YOUR Life

I invite you to reach out if you're ready to embark on your transformative journey. Together, let's take the first step toward an empowered and fulfilling midlife journey. We will unlock your true potential, create meaningful change, and build a life that reflects your authentic self.