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Numerology Readings

The Language of The Universe Is Trying To Communicate With You - Translate It’s Messages In This Unique 1-1 Session

Sequences of repeating numbers seem to follow you wherever you go.

You brushed it off at first. It’s just a coincidence, it’s crazy to think there’d be any meaning behind it. But the frequency of these occurrences continues to grow. Every time you turn your head you are greeted with repeating patterns…

The clock seems to always read 11:11

You pause the TV show at 14:14

The grocery shop totals 88.88

License plates dash past you screaming 555. 999. 777.

And so on, and so on, until you simply can’t ignore it.

But what the hell does it mean?

Google serves you up a few vague, wishy washy suggestions which could apply if you really forced them to, but there’s something telling you it’s deeper.

There’s a very unique, personal message trying to get through to you, and it gets louder by the day.

In this reading, I will reveal to you your personal numerological birth chart, containing an explosively life affirming set of information that you can use to step fully into your gifts and overcome life’s challenges with more ease and acceptance.

In our follow up session, we will come to decode the messages that show up for you in your daily life which can assist you in understanding past experiences and areas of your life that feel stuck or stagnant.

You’ll discover that the repeating numbers you see are guiding you to learn personal lessons and provide you with immediate actions you can take to make deep, life changing shifts. You will be guided to take charge of the power that exists within and discover the depth of capabilities that you have when you are connected to the Universe in this way.

You will become refreshed, renewed, energized and enlightened in ways you never knew were possible. You will begin a new journey of self discovery, love and inner peace and power.

For just $300 (cad) you’ll receive:

  • A 5 page report detailing your Soul Destiny Blueprint, including invaluable recommendations on how to capitalize on your strengths and use them to build an exceptional life.
  • A 1 hour 1-1 session with me to review your report in detail and discuss the best way for you to implement the information based on where you are currently at in life.
  • For an additional $111, you have the option to add on one week of support and guidance from me via Voxer.

This will be particularly transformational to you if you have previously engaged in a lot of mindset work or hired life coaches and your results didn’t quite hit the mark.

If affirmations, meditations and journaling aren’t creating the shifts you are longing for, this reading can support you to take your work from the cognitive mind, into the energetic body, where it becomes learned by your cells rather than just your brain.

The numbers you see so frequently are your invitation to combine your mindset work with energy and access the level of transformation you so deeply desire.

From $300.00 


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