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The Secret Society of "Momming"

Posted on May 9th, 2021

How does YOUR heart feel today?

As I write this, it is officially Mother's Day and I have to confess for me it is a wonderful time to reflect.

Having 3 incredible adult children I know that I am blessed. I am blessed that I get to be their Mom and I am blessed that they are all well, physically, and emotionally. And, I could end today's post that way, but I want you to know it hasn't always been this way.

As a Mom I have also many regrets, sadness and heartbreaks that don't get as much head space time from me. Why is that I wonder? Quite honestly it is because I know what I focus on becomes my reality. So if I were to dwell and think about the hard times, the tumultuous times, the days and nights that there was so much pain and sorrow that it was so, so, so gut wrenchingly difficult I would not survive.  

Being a Mom and pouring your heart and soul into your family, the best way you can and figure things out as you go is a really, really difficult journey. Ask any Mom who is willing to share her soul work with you and you will discover some hidden truths that will surprise you, sadden you and maybe even upset you. We keep many things inside, as Moms, to protect you the children, other family members, and sometimes we believe that it is best for everyone, including ourselves.  

So for all the Mom's out there celebrating being a Mom I hug you, feel you, see you and celebrate you. You are one in a million with a unique story, gift and treasure that no one can ever take from you. The love of a Mother's heart is immeasurable and I want you to take time today to know that when your children grow up and become adults you will always be a part of them.  

Happy Mother's Day, ladies.

Much love,



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