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Let Them Fly

Posted on May 16th, 2021

Today my heart is pounding with a multitude of emotions. It isn't even Mother's Day and I am still reflecting on lots of lovely and lots of challenging times that have presented themselves to me.

In actual fact, I caused them to be. They didn't happen to me they happened for me. I believe my thoughts, actions and beliefs helped to bring all the events, times and challenges to me. We have the power and actually do create our own reality.

I have come to realize that challenging times happen FOR US, not to us. We are never given what we can't actually handle. My Grandfather always said no matter how difficult it may seem at the time, things are happening for a reason and one day you will understand the reason. It will all come to light when you are ready to receive the lesson, learning, and information that you are meant to receive from the experience.

Today I am reflecting on the fact that my children are all doing well. I am honoured, happy and grateful beyond all means because this is so. It has not always been this way. We have endured many difficult, scary and challenging times as a family which I will get into someday but they are still a bit raw and real yet for me to share. I know that this is true for every Mom. There are secrets that we need to keep close to us for a variety of reasons and that is completely fine to do. As long as you process out what needs to be processed and the inner work and growth happens for you when you are ready and available to receive the lessons, learning and opportunities that do come from the experiences.

Having said that, the challenge is to not stay in the emotion, heaviness, surreal weight that exists when going through the tough "stuff" in life.

Family is everything to me, but it can't be ALL that I am, do and be. To be the best for everyone else we as Mom's MUST be the best TO and FOR ourselves, FIRST.

Do you LOVE yourself as much as you LOVE your family?

Will you give to yourself first so that you have more love for them?

Love grows from within and until you slow down, look inward, and take time, REAL time for YOU then and only then will you be able to be there for others.

One of the biggest ways you can LOVE your adult children is to "let them fly". When you LOVE yourself this will be a non-negotiable, a no brainer, a must have for them and YOU.

Let them fly....... they will never forget their roots.

Much love,


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